Renting the Kenwood Depot

COVID-19 Message

The Depot is not booking events earlier than June 1. Any booking made for the future should be considered tentative until all orders are lifted. We look forward to seeing this precious resource open to our community when safety permits.

Please Stay Safe and Stay Healthy

The Depot is available to rent for meetings, classes, dinners and parties for up to 60 people.

The facility includes:

  • Tables and Chairs for 60 (see Inventory)
  • Full Kitchen with 2 Stoves
  • Bar Area with Drinks fridge
  • Wi-Fi (25 Mbps)
  • PA, Microphones and Stands
  • Projector and Screen
  • Bathrooms

Note:  The Depot is located in a quiet neighborhood and is not suitable for events with loud music either from live bands or DJs.  If this is a requirement for your event then another venue would be a better choice.

Please inquire at (707) 408-1127 or email

Please use this form to get started: Rental Inquiry