The mission of the historic Kenwood Community Club is to promote community in the general Kenwood area and to preserve the unique and historic Kenwood Depot.

Through sponsorship of community-based events at our historic and iconic train depot location ~ affectionately referred to as “The Depot” ~ the Kenwood Community Club pursues the general goal of enriching and enhancing life in the Kenwood area, promoting community camaraderie while at the same time preserving our unique and historic asset. As a nonprofit organization, we rely exclusively on financial donations and the generosity of area residents, at a variety of membership levels, designed to allow some degree of financial participation from all. It is our intention to reflect the unique qualities associated with the Kenwood area as we plan and carry out a series of, what we hope to be, thoroughly enjoyable community-based events inviting the interest and participation of all those living in the area.

Board Members

Silvio Amantite
Denise Benguerel
Nazar Eljumaily
Jay Gamel
Nigel Hall
Liz Parsons