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The obvious question is, “If you live in or around Kenwood, why wouldn’t you?” Many people who don't live in Kenwood join the Kenwood Community Club just to support our historical Depot.

Seldom do you find a community as potentially closely knit as Kenwood or as carefully protected from the up-tempo world around it ­— or as blessed with a crown jewel in the form of a historic, one-of-a-kind Romanesque basalt stone train depot celebrating over 126 years of service to the community this year. We’re indeed fortunate.

And looking after much of this good fortune is the responsibility of the Kenwood Community Club, ideally comprised of all the citizens and supporters of the town of Kenwood and its unparalleled uniqueness. The maintenance and preservation of our Depot is only part of what the Community Club does, can do, and plans to do.

We’re asking the community to join with us to further enrich life in Kenwood.

An annual family membership of only $25 will return so much, bringing together members with a variety of interests and pursuits. Increased membership also provides more opportunities for events and get-togethers at the Depot. It’s your club and your Depot. Please join and contribute your ideas and energy.

Of course, donations in any amount are gratefully accepted!

Annual Membership Levels

  • Foundation     $1,000
  • Sustaining         $500
  • Supporting        $250
  • Community   $25-249

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Nazar Eljumaily
Kenwood Winery
Steve Ledson


Julie & Tom Atwood
Joan Dinner
Kunde Family Winery
Rotary Club of Glen Ellen/Kenwood


Beth Brannock / Rose Cardinale
Barbara & VG Buck
Randy Sue Collins
Michael & Lara Ekwall
Rob & Suzanne Ferroggiaro
Joe Palese and Jeff Altergott / Altergott
Angela Palermo / Chip Isaac
Alec & Ann Peters
Morry & Diane Strauss
Catherine Venturini